million +
WEARFIT OS of global installed capacity
million +
WEARFIT Pro are registered users worldwide
Global ecological partners
National and regional business coverage
WEARFIT Smart wearable ecosystem
A cooperative ecosystem
Two ability systems
Three major empowerment platforms
WEARFIT Smart wearable ecological platform
WEARFIT Smart wearable cooperative ecology
Technical ability
Cloud computing, AI, IOT, big data, algorithms, systems
Architecture, innovative interaction, standardized development suite...
Scene capability
Health management, exercise monitoring, smart life, and hardware
Interconnection, multi-industry application, digital system...
WEARFIT Software ecology
WEARFIT OS Operating system
WEARFIT Pro Terminal applications
WEARFIT Big data platform
WEARFIT hardware ecology
Core standard board design and development
Design and development of complete machine
Hardware ecological access services
Industrial chain resources matching
WEARFIT terminal marketing
Global channel network
New consumption scenarios empower

Intelligent products and service system suitable for customers in the global wearable industry

Mature product system
The scheme system
Delivery to the ground and service
Rich in ecological applications

Efficient digital operation to help customer demand quickly landing

Comprehensive assessment of demand
Custom solutions
Delivery service
Customer continues to succeed
ecological partners
product styles and types
national and regional coverage
Ecological partner
Global channel empowerment
Technical Partner
Customer List
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